Emails to the Void?

I might have figured out how to get a newsletter up and running. We will see in a few days if I did it right or if I am sending out emails to the void. As impressive as that would be, I am not sure the void is answering emails or even reading them these days.

Yesterday became an utter waste of a day, thank you migraines for appearing for no real reason and stick around long after you are wanted. Even the RX I have for them didn’t seem to make it disappear, but I got a shit ton of sleep and almost feel human today.

With that, no real writing happened yesterday except for some poorly written email replies and retweeting stuff. I know, lots not done but today is a new day and working on getting back on track. Crossing my fingers that now I have figured out how to get the newsletter out and how to sign up for it, which means progress for the day.

I must say, I don’t think my Grammarly is entirely fond of my sarcasm.

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