Upcoming New Year

It is nearly time for the end of the year, starting fresh and looking at all the new projects coming forth. I have two more shorts stories coming out this year, one in February and another in October. Both horror based with Witching Hour Press.

Also, the other push is I have purchased several covers for future projects, which I am outlining and plotting now. Finding a new away organize for the upcoming writing year is my goal to work on before it begins.

Story Updates

It is already October, and in 3 weeks two of my stories will be published in an anthology. October 23, in several stores.


Links: Sinister Legends and XPress Link

My first story is ‘The Eyes Have It’ by Wendy Cheairs

Second Story under my pen name, ‘The Alice Murders’ by W.M. Dawson

At the end of the month, it will be out and I am thrilled. I am working on another project, the next anthology is next year for Witching Hour- Zodiac and I am one of Pisces writers since it looks like there is enough interest to have 3 volumes. (Wow.)

National Writing Month starts in a month to work on one of my older projects I want to get edited and working on another volume for a full novel.

New Projects

There is another Anthology for Suicide awareness month that I am working on an outline still. This one is giving me trouble in coming up with a solid story arc for. Hopefully it will finish dancing around back there and give me an outline, I can work from there.

Also going to try for the next Anthology, Zodiac horror. totally can work with a killer killing in their zodiac, sounds like fun. Now just working on the other outline, and filling out paperwork for seeing if I can get a spot in Zodiac.

Still waiting for peer review for the Urban Legends, but feeling good about it being done and the recent read through I didn’t find tons I needed to change.

With anthologies it does bring me back to time to start working on novel and series outline. I think I have settled on a series to work on, which I would like to take time out for to seriously start writing. July is another NaNoWriMo camp (https://campnanowrimo.org), so I will see what I can do there.


Finished with Short Story

Today I was able to send in a finished copy of my short story for an anthology coming out later this year. I am finally able to officially start spreading out into my writing. The life of editing has been helpful, taught me a lot of writing and editing, but I need to start focusing on writing.