August 2019 Update

After a bit of a significant learning curve, I was able to get the physical copy of my short story collection into Amazon for approval. Man, it was a bit unexpected, and the error was such a minor thing that no one had covered. I own my ISBN number therefor I am agent, not the place I got it from. I had no idea and spent a part of yesterday painfully working through every step to figure out what in blazes I did wrong. Thankfully, it is fixed and now under review. Hopefully, it will be up to purchase this weekend.

Night Tales Kindle  — Still up on Kindle and soon, soon for the paperback.

Bringing me to the new month of writing and getting things ready to go. I have the first signing in November and want to have more than just my short story collection for signing and purchase, now to the grindstone of editing my cyberpunk story and finishing my fantasy story outline. Yes, I do enjoy going through several genres, but I love them all so much.

Until then, I have the new kitten Grayson keeping me company as I write and edit.



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