Anthology Spotlight: Renegade Siege- Superhero Legacy

Today starts the first Author spotlight for the anthology I am a part of, beginning at 8 PM EST (6 PM my time, MST). Tomorrow I get to go to chat up my novella. If anyone wants to join us, come along at:

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Join these authors as they tell you about how the Superhero’s can change lives and make the world a better place. Enjoy this Adult Superhero Anthology.

T. Elizabeth Guthrie – White Lightnin’
White Lightnin’s story is being showcased by the local paper. She decides to take the reporter along, as she searches for clues as to why all the museums are being broken into. As they search for the culprit, our superhero and her new friend are drawn into a world that few can escape.

Nia Farrell – Game (Game.Set.Match. Superhero Trilogy Book 1)
Anastasia Kent owns Books & Brew, a bookstore and coffee shop in Traverse City, Illinois, where the Legends League and its superheroes serve to keep the citizens safe. One of her customers is Oliver Thomas, a prize-winning photojournalist who handles dangerous assignments with aplomb but has to work up the courage to ask her out. Ana knows Oliver is used to keeping secrets, given his profession, but she doesn’t know that he has secrets of his own. If the local Cartel thinks she matters to Oliver’s alter ego, Red Flyer, she’ll become a target, too. Take a conflicted superhero, add a clueless heroine, throw a villain named Dark Obsession into the mix, and let the games begin.

W.M. Dawson – A Nothing Thanksgiving
Once upon a Thanksgiving, in a world with Superheroes saving the day. Holidays are a time of joy and happiness, well, in theory. This year was going per usual. Arianna Maxwell, the hero, known better as Glory, was again dealing with her strange multi-generational superhero family where nothing ever really went normal. Fancy gourmet food forced bonding with her father and grandfather until being called away to deal with some governmental drama. Instead, she is arrested on a fall charge, shot at, and nearly killed by another Super. Before escaping to go on the run to clear her name with part of her team. If not enough, there are team issues and being sold out by her grandfather to help, in theory. This is why she dislike holidays on Earth… Happy Holidays. Oh, she is an Atlantean, on her mother’s side.

Christina McCord – Heroes of Tomorrow.TODAY!!
What happens when the Heroes of tomorrow meet the Villains of today? Who will win the fight between Justice and Good or Injustice and Evil.

July, Already?

It is July, thank goodness. We have made our way into a semi-normal world again where we are allowed out of our caves, homes, or whatever you want to call them into the world again. After many months, over a year of living in our confinement, it seems as we might; I stress the word might see the light at the end of an endless tunnel. That or I have lost my mind, and after all this time in lockup, I probably have.It has been a wild ride this year so far and so much writing. And no, for SO MUCH more writing. I have gotten on to the writing train this year.Anthologies are jumping right now, and I somehow lost my mind to sign on to multi-book series…

I do not know what I was thinking, but it sounded like a good idea. Now that I am writing pretty much full-time, I write a lot. It keeps me busy and scheduled. This was the dream to write all the time, and now that it is here, it is a lot more work than imagined. Less of that, staring off into the distance and pondering the writing. More outlining, fighting with the outline, writing this draft, editing, fighting with words, losing words, looking up perfectly normal words you usually know, writing for hours, chopping paragraphs, editing, tearing up yet another outline, and redoing these processes over and over. Not a lot of poetry in the writing process, but I love it.

My short “Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl” is out under my pen name W.M. Dawson. I enjoyed writing this story about a Pixie living in California meeting her cop buddy. She is wild and has a lot of fun with him, just trying to keep up. It is currently available on Amazon: Wings of Fate

And if anyone can, please drop a review of my story. Several reviews are out about these stories. I would love for extra reviews and maybe talking about mine—that about being super outstanding.

I hope everything is going well for people and that the world is opening up for everyone, at least a little.

Mid-January 2021

It’s Still January

It is somehow still January 2021, this month seems to be moving slowly. I guess that is a good thing, depending on a point a view. Somehow we are not completely on fire. (Please 2021 don’t take that as a challenge.)

I have been living and breathing in my writing cave for many new projects for this year. I have a few projects out on deck and coming soon, woo hoo there.

Free books for mid-January to help us through this month! Please feel free to share with others!

Once Upon a Brother Grimm Anthology, this will be out on February 18, 2021 – my story is Cursed Flowers. Based on the fairy tales of Snow White and Rose Red retold in modern setting with the girls cursed in to a high school dealing with modern problems. They are also still hunted by the dwarf of the story and cursed to relive their lives until they can break their curse, near are happy and searching for answers.

This is my first YA story which also deals with LGBTQIA with one of the characters in a high school setting and bullying.

January 2021

So far January of 2021 has been… chaotic in America. Let’s hope the rest of it gets better…

This month, Devoured by Gluttony is part of new Urban Fantasy books of 2021. I know it came out last year but is still part of newer books for 2021. This year I have a lot of new books and novella coming out and can’t wait to share with everyone. In February my first YA retelling of a Fairy Tale is coming out.

The End of 2020

I do not think I have ever been so happy to see the end of a year than I am to see the tail end of this one. Not that I am looking 2021 in the eye or trying to annoy 2021 in any way, shape, or form… gosh forbid we piss this upcoming year in the course last year came off like. Maybe this coming year could be less on fire, plague-ridden, doom scrolling, house locked, and ever other horrible things like 2020.

There were some positives in 2020. I have gotten published more. Spent a lot of time inside and seen way too much on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and other streaming services. Found out my brother can have phone conversations that last longer than a few minutes. Talked to people I haven’t in years and learned all about the joys of video calls to keep in contact with people, and I used a lot more of my unlimited phone calls and texting than I thought I would. I am grateful I have the technology to keep in contact with my friends and family worldwide to make sure everyone is holding up, and they can be given these difficult times and surviving. Celebrating our wins when we have them like friends having babies, getting news pets, publishing new books, or just not going ultimately bat shit crazy. Or even just to say Hi, we are surviving the madness. Not everything has been fantastic. People I know and love have had the virus. Thankfully most have made it through without too many horrific side effects so far. Maybe next year, I might get to see some people again in person, but I hope everyone stays safe and sound inside until then. Read more.

Devoured by Gluttony is part of an Alpha Romance group:

And my newest novella will be out in February of 2021 in Once Upon A Brothers Grimm

December 2020

We can see the end of 2020, finally. I am so glad to see the end. It is nearly here. I thought I would get out of this year without it going completely downhill. I think I got cocky, and then 2020 noticed me. It saw me getting excited that it was nearly done, I was happy to make it out of this year without too much going to shit, and it came to crack me upside the head literally… Ok, I slipped on ice, fell on the cement-like cartoon character to give myself a nasty concussion. Then I decided after vertigo, swimming feeling, and nausea. I was fine to get up and fall again to start my seizures. (I have epilepsy too. This was the start of a very long week. of tests, more RX’s, an ER/ urgent care room for a CAT scan with no brain bleeding, just swelling, and many doctors call for the stupid, stupid concussion.) This made for a long weekend, with my family going through other medical drama on top of it. (My brother in Washington now has the virus that shan’t be named but seems to be OK for now and better darn well stays that way…) My dad has driving my mom and me around with my husband doing mass cooking since I was in the middle of edits through this mess. I learned I NEVER want to do edits with a concussion ever again. It wasn’t easy and man, my computer screen liked to swim after like 20 minutes of looking at it. I have no idea what professional sports athletes at thinking when they are like, let’s go with their concussions. I did get the edits out for Earth Invasion 2020, and it is live on many platforms. I will share below. I am proud I got to help write and edits this quickly. It was an adventure. Also, I got to set my part of the Sci-Fi story in White Sands, New Mexico.

But Earth Invasion 2020 is available!

Universal Link  — It is available across many different platforms, not just Amazon, and paperbacks will be available soon!

Busy Writer

Thankfully I am back to semi-human feeling and able to dive into my writing project. My edits are nearly done for my Fairytale Retelling coming out this February 2021. I have more projects coming out all through 2021 and I have started booking for 2022 and 2023. It is incredible that I have begun this writing journey and so happy I can share my writing with everyone. 

Amazon Link for Once Upon a Brothers Grimm

At the end of December, one of my shorts is in Extreme Drabbles of Dread, which is a very dark Horror. 

Amazon link for Extreme Drabbles of Dread

Devoured by Gluttony

Devoured by Gluttony

The Seven Deadly Sins have begun to come out; Pride, Greed, Envy, and now Wrath are loose in the world as of October 23, 2020. The youngest three, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth, are still yet to come each Friday. My book Gluttony is out on November 6, 2020. 

Available on Amazon

Devoured by Gluttony Blurb:

One of the youngest sons of a demon on a mission to infect Earth with all the Seven Deadly Sin, Zion Lee got stuck with Gluttony. As a Sin-Eater, he has enough problems eating and purging the sins of others, and now he had one he can’t get rid of, neither can anyone else. Only rumors swirl about ways to rid oneself of a sin gifted by his demonic biological father. Since that day, he has become the eater of everything, sins, wealth, food, and everything in between.

Once the rumor of a curse-breaker reaches him in his native Singapore, he hires tracker Harry Watson, not expecting a kick-ass woman who knows how to find anything but already brings trouble in her wake. Between the two of them, they will find themselves on a journey across the planet amongst the supernatural and mundane world, looking for a curse for one of the Deadly Sins. If the curse can be broken, Zion can save himself and his other cursed half-brothers, each with a different sin.

Of late, my writing buddy Avalon has been helping me with several of my new projects. I have been recently working on my Young Adult retelling of Snow White and Rose Red, coming out in early 2021. My first time in YA and has been an interesting change in writing styles. 

Next year looks like I am getting into several new anthologies and digging into more novels. Should be fun digging into a lot of new projects. Now I just want to get out of this 2020 year in one piece. I do hope that everyone is surviving this year.

August Update MC South Texas

Welcome to the Jungle is up on a sale with another group of great books. This week it is up for .99.  Book Funnel 
Or just find it directly on Amazon at: Amazon
51K2onPIOcL (1)
This is for a limited time for .99 whole pennies to go with the deal. Also, the next chapter of the MC South Texas story by Annelise Reynolds came out today as well, Blind Spot. This story features Six, the MC leader. Seraphina shows up in this book as well. If interested, the book is up on Amazon live today: Amazon 

August – Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle has been released into the wilds and is now on the August new Release list on Book Funnel along with a lot of other great books for sale.

Available on Amazon

Still up for Cover of the Month – Please think of voting Link

Information about Welcome to the Jungle:

Seraphina Cortez’s life year before had been turned upside down when she became a shifter. She found a new life in the Dark Leopards MC, working her way up as the Sergeant at Arms, protector of her cats and people. It might not have been the life she wanted, but it was her life. It was turned upside down when a blast from the past she escaped returned bleeding on her doorstep. Caleb Anders, the ex she never fully got over appeared, on the run from people hunting him. She couldn’t just leave him and went right back into to help him from the enemies after him for his magic. Can they stop enemies coming for magic users, stop a war from coming on her territory, and her MC and ignore the fires of passion that never snuffed out between them?

51K2onPIOcL (1)