October Updates

It is that time of the year, books of horror, fall has finally arrived, kids back to school and oh heavens above, the weather is cooling down. Finally, I can open my windows and not melt.

This month, the Deadly Realities Anthology for 2019 is available on Kindle and physical copies at the convention in November. I am really looking forward to meeting readers, authors, and people I have been working in the writing world. I convinced the husband to spend an extra day in Denver to see the Monet Exhibit that will be there until February. I do love Monet. Before we come home to relax.

I have a novella nearly through its second rewrite and edits before it heads off to an editor for a collection coming out this January, which is the start of my publishing stories for 2020. I know a signing in Kansas in July, hellloooo Supernatural fans. There will be an anthology there as well.

I am looking into a few other anthologies and short story collections while I am working on novels. I know for sure a book released in November of 2020, which has left my outline stage and into the first draft. I have been focusing on the novella that comes out sooner before heading back to finish the draft for it to rest and go into the second draft.

I am looking forward to this winter where I will have extra time for writing.

Today was my taking over the site for Deadly Realities: