The End of 2020

I do not think I have ever been so happy to see the end of a year than I am to see the tail end of this one. Not that I am looking 2021 in the eye or trying to annoy 2021 in any way, shape, or form… gosh forbid we piss this upcoming year in the course last year came off like. Maybe this coming year could be less on fire, plague-ridden, doom scrolling, house locked, and ever other horrible things like 2020.

There were some positives in 2020. I have gotten published more. Spent a lot of time inside and seen way too much on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and other streaming services. Found out my brother can have phone conversations that last longer than a few minutes. Talked to people I haven’t in years and learned all about the joys of video calls to keep in contact with people, and I used a lot more of my unlimited phone calls and texting than I thought I would. I am grateful I have the technology to keep in contact with my friends and family worldwide to make sure everyone is holding up, and they can be given these difficult times and surviving. Celebrating our wins when we have them like friends having babies, getting news pets, publishing new books, or just not going ultimately bat shit crazy. Or even just to say Hi, we are surviving the madness. Not everything has been fantastic. People I know and love have had the virus. Thankfully most have made it through without too many horrific side effects so far. Maybe next year, I might get to see some people again in person, but I hope everyone stays safe and sound inside until then. Read more.

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And my newest novella will be out in February of 2021 in Once Upon A Brothers Grimm

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