December 2020

We can see the end of 2020, finally. I am so glad to see the end. It is nearly here. I thought I would get out of this year without it going completely downhill. I think I got cocky, and then 2020 noticed me. It saw me getting excited that it was nearly done, I was happy to make it out of this year without too much going to shit, and it came to crack me upside the head literally… Ok, I slipped on ice, fell on the cement-like cartoon character to give myself a nasty concussion. Then I decided after vertigo, swimming feeling, and nausea. I was fine to get up and fall again to start my seizures. (I have epilepsy too. This was the start of a very long week. of tests, more RX’s, an ER/ urgent care room for a CAT scan with no brain bleeding, just swelling, and many doctors call for the stupid, stupid concussion.) This made for a long weekend, with my family going through other medical drama on top of it. (My brother in Washington now has the virus that shan’t be named but seems to be OK for now and better darn well stays that way…) My dad has driving my mom and me around with my husband doing mass cooking since I was in the middle of edits through this mess. I learned I NEVER want to do edits with a concussion ever again. It wasn’t easy and man, my computer screen liked to swim after like 20 minutes of looking at it. I have no idea what professional sports athletes at thinking when they are like, let’s go with their concussions. I did get the edits out for Earth Invasion 2020, and it is live on many platforms. I will share below. I am proud I got to help write and edits this quickly. It was an adventure. Also, I got to set my part of the Sci-Fi story in White Sands, New Mexico.

But Earth Invasion 2020 is available!

Universal Link  — It is available across many different platforms, not just Amazon, and paperbacks will be available soon!

Busy Writer

Thankfully I am back to semi-human feeling and able to dive into my writing project. My edits are nearly done for my Fairytale Retelling coming out this February 2021. I have more projects coming out all through 2021 and I have started booking for 2022 and 2023. It is incredible that I have begun this writing journey and so happy I can share my writing with everyone. 

Amazon Link for Once Upon a Brothers Grimm

At the end of December, one of my shorts is in Extreme Drabbles of Dread, which is a very dark Horror. 

Amazon link for Extreme Drabbles of Dread

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