Last Rock Standing

My new novella, Last Rock Standing is up and part of Book Funnels Free and .99 cent Deal this week!

Book Funnel Free and 99 cents for This Week

So excited to be able to share with everyone. There are a lot of books cheap and free this week available in a variety of genres if anyone is interested in checking everything out.

Direct link for the landing page to just my link:

Last Rock Standing

Little about the book:

Layla Black worked well for her company, took adventure all around the world, but it changed when she is the only witness to a pair of deaths at the hands of a dangerous killer. Help arrived in the unlikely form of Alex Douglass, retired Ranger, and current FBI agent to help save her and handle the situation the killer brings.

Surviving the harsh Nevada desert in the middle of summer, caught between governments’ needs, a hunter who hated to lose they somehow find themselves drawn to one another even if it was the last, they were looking for or needed.

2 thoughts on “Last Rock Standing

  1. I read this book on Readict and loved it but it was short and I need the rest of their love story to read I hope there is more and it doesn’t end with answered questions

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