Anthology Spotlight: Renegade Siege- Superhero Legacy

Today starts the first Author spotlight for the anthology I am a part of, beginning at 8 PM EST (6 PM my time, MST). Tomorrow I get to go to chat up my novella. If anyone wants to join us, come along at:

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Join these authors as they tell you about how the Superhero’s can change lives and make the world a better place. Enjoy this Adult Superhero Anthology.

T. Elizabeth Guthrie – White Lightnin’
White Lightnin’s story is being showcased by the local paper. She decides to take the reporter along, as she searches for clues as to why all the museums are being broken into. As they search for the culprit, our superhero and her new friend are drawn into a world that few can escape.

Nia Farrell – Game (Game.Set.Match. Superhero Trilogy Book 1)
Anastasia Kent owns Books & Brew, a bookstore and coffee shop in Traverse City, Illinois, where the Legends League and its superheroes serve to keep the citizens safe. One of her customers is Oliver Thomas, a prize-winning photojournalist who handles dangerous assignments with aplomb but has to work up the courage to ask her out. Ana knows Oliver is used to keeping secrets, given his profession, but she doesn’t know that he has secrets of his own. If the local Cartel thinks she matters to Oliver’s alter ego, Red Flyer, she’ll become a target, too. Take a conflicted superhero, add a clueless heroine, throw a villain named Dark Obsession into the mix, and let the games begin.

W.M. Dawson – A Nothing Thanksgiving
Once upon a Thanksgiving, in a world with Superheroes saving the day. Holidays are a time of joy and happiness, well, in theory. This year was going per usual. Arianna Maxwell, the hero, known better as Glory, was again dealing with her strange multi-generational superhero family where nothing ever really went normal. Fancy gourmet food forced bonding with her father and grandfather until being called away to deal with some governmental drama. Instead, she is arrested on a fall charge, shot at, and nearly killed by another Super. Before escaping to go on the run to clear her name with part of her team. If not enough, there are team issues and being sold out by her grandfather to help, in theory. This is why she dislike holidays on Earth… Happy Holidays. Oh, she is an Atlantean, on her mother’s side.

Christina McCord – Heroes of Tomorrow.TODAY!!
What happens when the Heroes of tomorrow meet the Villains of today? Who will win the fight between Justice and Good or Injustice and Evil.