July, Already?

It is July, thank goodness. We have made our way into a semi-normal world again where we are allowed out of our caves, homes, or whatever you want to call them into the world again. After many months, over a year of living in our confinement, it seems as we might; I stress the word might see the light at the end of an endless tunnel. That or I have lost my mind, and after all this time in lockup, I probably have.It has been a wild ride this year so far and so much writing. And no, for SO MUCH more writing. I have gotten on to the writing train this year.Anthologies are jumping right now, and I somehow lost my mind to sign on to multi-book series…

I do not know what I was thinking, but it sounded like a good idea. Now that I am writing pretty much full-time, I write a lot. It keeps me busy and scheduled. This was the dream to write all the time, and now that it is here, it is a lot more work than imagined. Less of that, staring off into the distance and pondering the writing. More outlining, fighting with the outline, writing this draft, editing, fighting with words, losing words, looking up perfectly normal words you usually know, writing for hours, chopping paragraphs, editing, tearing up yet another outline, and redoing these processes over and over. Not a lot of poetry in the writing process, but I love it.

My short “Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl” is out under my pen name W.M. Dawson. I enjoyed writing this story about a Pixie living in California meeting her cop buddy. She is wild and has a lot of fun with him, just trying to keep up. It is currently available on Amazon: Wings of Fate

And if anyone can, please drop a review of my story. Several reviews are out about these stories. I would love for extra reviews and maybe talking about mine—that about being super outstanding.

I hope everything is going well for people and that the world is opening up for everyone, at least a little.

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