Devoured by Gluttony

Devoured by Gluttony

The Seven Deadly Sins have begun to come out; Pride, Greed, Envy, and now Wrath are loose in the world as of October 23, 2020. The youngest three, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth, are still yet to come each Friday. My book Gluttony is out on November 6, 2020. 

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Devoured by Gluttony Blurb:

One of the youngest sons of a demon on a mission to infect Earth with all the Seven Deadly Sin, Zion Lee got stuck with Gluttony. As a Sin-Eater, he has enough problems eating and purging the sins of others, and now he had one he can’t get rid of, neither can anyone else. Only rumors swirl about ways to rid oneself of a sin gifted by his demonic biological father. Since that day, he has become the eater of everything, sins, wealth, food, and everything in between.

Once the rumor of a curse-breaker reaches him in his native Singapore, he hires tracker Harry Watson, not expecting a kick-ass woman who knows how to find anything but already brings trouble in her wake. Between the two of them, they will find themselves on a journey across the planet amongst the supernatural and mundane world, looking for a curse for one of the Deadly Sins. If the curse can be broken, Zion can save himself and his other cursed half-brothers, each with a different sin.

Of late, my writing buddy Avalon has been helping me with several of my new projects. I have been recently working on my Young Adult retelling of Snow White and Rose Red, coming out in early 2021. My first time in YA and has been an interesting change in writing styles. 

Next year looks like I am getting into several new anthologies and digging into more novels. Should be fun digging into a lot of new projects. Now I just want to get out of this 2020 year in one piece. I do hope that everyone is surviving this year.

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