Horror Promo and Charity

I have been learning some of the odds and ends of the publishing world. Yes, I have read a lot about the subjects, but now I am learning to put several things in motion.

Today my first newsletter went out after gaining several new subscribers from a promotion horror site. See mine cover, it is right there with some other excellent authors. These guys have been great and supportive with information and helping each other out. This also gives my book a wider audience, building a network, and providing new people a chance to read my work. (Insert some random Kermit the Frog hands waving in the air with glee.)


So please feel free to check out new authors, read some horror and maybe share with others. That is always awesome.

If you want to support your local author more, leave a review of their work. It really does help us. (Amazon, Goodreads for me right now since I am currently on Kindle unlimited until October 2019.)

Another group has an anthology for charity, this one is romance, but it is for the support of Epilepsy which I was given for shits and giggles and had the MS come kick it back into high gear. BUT these ladies are donating time, writing, and energy for a great cause. Please check them out:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VYB2KQB


Today’s blog is about other authors with a side of mine tossed in, but in the beautiful world of writing and publishing sharing is really caring.

Until next time.

Been Awhile

Bad writer, no cookie for me…

Well, I did get a short story collection out today, so maybe a cookie.

Long story made short, this year has been hectic. (Moving, house purchasing, cats, drama and more.) None of that is an excuse for being a bad blogger other than man, I just keep forgetting. Now that I have released a short story collection and have plans for my writing this will be easier to update, with plans. Woo hoo!

The short story collection has a mix of new fiction and previously published works that the rights have returned to me. Now I can share the horror stories together.

Night Tales- available on Kindle right now: Available-