Musings on Medium

I recently started writing pieces for the website Medium to stretch out my audience, write pieces of non-fiction and to see where it takes me. I have recently begun a series on living with multiple sclerosis, which is one of those points in my life that changed it drastically. Here is a place I can share some of my personal tales since I am not a doctor nor psychologist just a person going through the process of changing and adapting.

If anyone is interested in reading, here is the link for me on Medium:


Emails to the Void?

I might have figured out how to get a newsletter up and running. We will see in a few days if I did it right or if I am sending out emails to the void. As impressive as that would be, I am not sure the void is answering emails or even reading them these days.

Yesterday became an utter waste of a day, thank you migraines for appearing for no real reason and stick around long after you are wanted. Even the RX I have for them didn’t seem to make it disappear, but I got a shit ton of sleep and almost feel human today.

With that, no real writing happened yesterday except for some poorly written email replies and retweeting stuff. I know, lots not done but today is a new day and working on getting back on track. Crossing my fingers that now I have figured out how to get the newsletter out and how to sign up for it, which means progress for the day.

I must say, I don’t think my Grammarly is entirely fond of my sarcasm.

August 2019 Update

After a bit of a significant learning curve, I was able to get the physical copy of my short story collection into Amazon for approval. Man, it was a bit unexpected, and the error was such a minor thing that no one had covered. I own my ISBN number therefor I am agent, not the place I got it from. I had no idea and spent a part of yesterday painfully working through every step to figure out what in blazes I did wrong. Thankfully, it is fixed and now under review. Hopefully, it will be up to purchase this weekend.

Night Tales Kindle  — Still up on Kindle and soon, soon for the paperback.

Bringing me to the new month of writing and getting things ready to go. I have the first signing in November and want to have more than just my short story collection for signing and purchase, now to the grindstone of editing my cyberpunk story and finishing my fantasy story outline. Yes, I do enjoy going through several genres, but I love them all so much.

Until then, I have the new kitten Grayson keeping me company as I write and edit.



Been Awhile

Bad writer, no cookie for me…

Well, I did get a short story collection out today, so maybe a cookie.

Long story made short, this year has been hectic. (Moving, house purchasing, cats, drama and more.) None of that is an excuse for being a bad blogger other than man, I just keep forgetting. Now that I have released a short story collection and have plans for my writing this will be easier to update, with plans. Woo hoo!

The short story collection has a mix of new fiction and previously published works that the rights have returned to me. Now I can share the horror stories together.

Night Tales- available on Kindle right now: Available-