Thorngrove “Thorn”of Kathra Tribe

Name:   Thorngrove of Kathra Tribe “Thorn”
Nationality:     Hebadronan (Planet- Hebadron)
Sector:   Harmonic Territory
Lives:   Travels
Race:   Elvan
Birthday- Age:   March 30, 2964 – 46 Years Old
Hair Color:   Brown, Red & Blonde Mix
Eye Color:   Indigo (Used to be Bright Yellow)
Height:   6’1”
Weight:   165 LBS
Harmonic:  Indigo
Aura Color:   Dark Red with Orange and Blue Swirls
Sphere Partner:  Estevan Vasi
Sphere:   Sphere Group 2
Sphere Grouping:   Odds and Ends
Type:   Earth – Fire
Previous Life:   Unknown