Sylvanus de’Medici

Name:    Sylvanus Michelangelo de Medici

Nationality:    Italian (Planet- New Florence)

Spouse:  Morgana de’Medici-O’Connor

Sector:    Born in Sol Sector

Lives:    New Florence- Italian Principalities Sector

Race:    Elf (Unhatched Dragon) – Walker

Birthday:    February 22, 2965

Hair Color:    Dark Diamond Purple

Eye Color:    Emerald Green

Height:    6’6’’

Weight:     210 LBS

Magic:    Physical Magician

Aura Color:   Blue & Green Paint Swirls

Sphere Partner:   Morgana O’Connor

Sphere:   Sphere Group 2

Sphere Grouping:    Political/ Social Group

Type:   Fire- Earth- Void

Previous Life:   Christopher “Kit” Knight

Degrees:    Xeno-Archeology, Archeology, Anthropology, Fine Arts- Painting, Business and Political Sciences

Children:   Liam & Conchobhar de’Medici-O’Connor (Twins- 1st set- Liam is full Walker); Arianna & Julius “JJ” de’Medici-O’Connor (Twins- 2nd Set- Deities); Caterina & Sorcha de’Medici-O’Connor (Twins- 3rd Set)

Known Details:   Part of the Medici family with holdings on Earth and New Florence in Italian Principalities- other areas as well. Has several large business dealings and runs part of a corporation. Current Congressman of the New Florence area in the Italian Principalities.Many dealings in the political fields of the Earth Republic. Deals in business communities, political, and artistic fields highly Highly social – known to be a social adept Recently married to Morgana O’Connor Based on New Florence- Known safe zone for Sphere Groups