Shante of Western Waves Tribe

Name:   Shante of Western Waves Tribe
Nationality:   Shoran (Planet- Shora)
Sector:   Bohemian Sector
Lives:   Travels- Based New Roma
Race:     Mermaid (Humanoid)
Birthday- Age:   January 29, 2974 – 36 Years Old
Hair Color:   Silver White with Pale Blue and Greens Streaks
Eye Color:   Blue-Green
Height:   5’6”
Weight:  110 LBS
Magic- Shamanistic Physical Mage
Aura Color:   Greens and Blues with Pearly White
Sphere Partner:   Gabriel Cracchiolo
Sphere: Sphere Group 3
Sphere Grouping:   Odds and Ends – Musician
Type:   Water – Air
Previous Life:   Unknown