Selina Manx

Name: Selina Manx
Nationality: Arian (Planet- Aira)
Sector: Originally Bohemia Sector- Planet is currently somewhere in Ares Sector
Lives: Travels
Race: Elvan Mix
Birthday- Age: December 29, 2814; Disappeared 2904; Reappeared 3002
Hair Color: Black Opal
Eye Color: White Opal
Height: 6’2”
Weight:  155 LBS
Magic: Physical Magician
Aura Color: Multi-Colored
Sphere Partner: Conon Alexander ‘Alexander’
Sphere: Sphere Group 5
Sphere Grouping: Political- Social
Type: Air – Water
Previous Life: Unknown

Misc: One of the best known and praised singers of the modern time. Known to be able to hit notes no one else has been able to without technological aids. She travels throughout the galaxy invited to some of the most important events, galas, and so forth.