Novella Carnahan

Name:     Novella Carnahan

Nationality:     Ocastan (Planet- Ocasta)

Sector:     Bohemian Sector

Race:     Elf

Birthday:    June 24, 2974

Hair Color:     Varies Regularly- Currently Bright Red (Natural Hair Color- Brown)

Eye Color:     Amber

Height:    5’11”

Weight:     145 LBS

Magic:     Physical Magician

Aura Color:    Sunset Oranges

Sphere Partner:     Fidel Lermar

Sphere:     Sphere Group 4

Sphere Grouping:     Magic 

Type:     Fire – Air

Previous Life: Unknown

Degrees:    Magic Theory; History- Magic; Spell Design (Hermetic); History- General

Children:    Lenore Carnahan   (Father: Alexander Holden)  & Chandler Aston Carnahan (Adopted)

Known Details:  Combat Mage, used to work for hire but currently works for the Sphere Groups as protection, theory and general magic back up. Has worked regularly in the field, has physical adept skills (specialty in unarmed combat) and spell (combat- elemental, especially fire.) Travels over the galaxy used to be based in the Magic Sphere Group Ares. Currently travels with her children, teaching them about the galaxies.