Katarina (Merche) von Knutsen

Name:   Katarina (Merche) von Knutsen
Nationality: Ireatian (Planet- Ireta)
Sector:   Sol Sector
Lives: Balmer – Travels
Race:  Elvan
Birthday- Age:   April 4, 2972 – 38 Years Old
Hair Color: Blonde with Lavender Streaks
Eye Color:   Gold
Height:   6’0”
Weight:   145 LBS
Magic- Physical Magician
Aura Color: Rose Red with White Streaks
Sphere Partner:   Alastair von Knutsen
Sphere: Sphere Group 1
Sphere Grouping:   Political – Social (Interviewer- TV Personality)
Type:   Air – Earth
Previous Life: Unknown