Erminia “Mina” Brinkman

Name:   Billie Redmond
Nationality:   Selkie (Planet- Selki V)
Sector:     Avalon Kingdom
Lives:    Travels
Race:   Humanoid (Shifter- Seal)
Birthday- Age:   March 3, 2968 – 42Years Old
Hair Color:   Dark Brown- Purple- Blue
Eye Color:   Blues
Height:    5’3”
Weight:  100 LBS
Magic:   Seal Shaman
Aura Color:   Bright Reds and Purples
Sphere Partner:   Billie Redmond
Sphere:   Sphere Group 4
Sphere Grouping:     Odds and Ends (Activist – Several Fields)
Type:   Water – Fire
Previous Life:   Unknown