Sphere Group Two

Current Active members for Sphere Group 2. There are some that are too young, retired and between the cycle.


Dragons- Leandra Kingston, Pratchett, and Ghostwalker

Immortal- Sampson

Other- Jason McCoy-Knight


Sylvanus de’Medici and Morgana O’Connor-de’Medici

Curtis Knight-Washburn and Shawn Knight- Washburn

WhisperNight ‘Whisper’ of Kathra Tribe and Foxlyn of Kathra Tribe

Sampson and Carmilla Sheridan

Leandra Kingston and Jason McCoy-Knight

Cale Hastings and Sela Arcus

Celestyna ‘Celeste’ Katz and Emrys O’Connor

Nikola ‘Nick’ Forester and Biddie Sgourakes

Esma Brathwaite and Orson Mayor

 Jarid DeHaven  and Raissa Artro

Shayla Livesay and Sabina of Kaxiras Clan

Doyle Chamberlain  and Brook Dakalis

Sybyl VonHoffman and Ellsworth Barese

Thorngrove of Kathra Tribe “Thorn” and Estevan Vasi

Artemis Boscagli and Spencer Jackson

Sylvester Knight and Jocelyn McNally

Saxon Kayas and Edmond Quiency

Torrin Haydon and Lyric Thalassa

Alhena Dihqani and Lena Madison

Aeron of the Thanatos Clan and Odryna “Odin”

Lucian Dare and Aura Kibbe

Hendrix Pelletier and Rose-Mary Pelletier

Conrade Clabaugh and Xuanyuan Sun

Markos Jagers and Jordain Blaylock

Michail Dobrycka and Somerset Kaspin (Deceased)

Andras Hubbard and Christalle Tripp-Southwick

Alric Silvetti and Freida Avenell

Tristan O’Connor