Sphere Group Three

Current Active members for Sphere Group 3. There are some that are too young, retired and between the cycle.


Dragons-Neferiam and Merlyndan

Immortal- Ilyssa


Serafina de’Medici and Winter McQuillen

Ilyssa and Zitkala ‘Zee’ Papaqui

Westbrook Vanderbilt-Aster and Archalaos ‘Arc’ Deacon

Waylan Mazrui and Micah Logan

Odessa Devore and Ivan Roncalli

Elizabeth VanDale and Nicolai Darrach

Idria Covet and Catarina Chase

Blair Rutherford and Adam Matthews

Carmon Scarborugh and Emil Adler

Gabriel Cracchiolo and Shante of Western Waves Tribe

Gloriane Gozzi and Truman Stirling

Edwina “Ed” Deaton and Hiram Wertz

Demetrius Caskey and Klara Espinosa y Antoine

Michael Flemming and Kuo Lihua

Eldon Whelan and Dreama Pagan

Angelina Fortenberry and Noble Maddox

Lemuel Palacios and Parker Cochrane

Quyen Maiser and Carmine Albers

Malissa Griffiths-Davenport and Iska Nelson

Scott “Scotty” Guy and Sherry Moses

Leonardo Barahona and Ranjini Sood

Naoto Ogata and Eun Ae Yun

Samir Odon and Pramada Rashid

Sebastian Long and Bao-Yu Lioa

Mushira Soni and Kelvin Turner

Oma Moskovics and Sarah Lane