Sphere Group One

Current Active members for Sphere Group 1. There are some that are too young, retired and between the cycle.


Dragon- Lofwyr

Immortal- Fayina


Grant Evans (Claudia McDaniel) and Franklin ‘Frank’ Cassell

 Fayina and Liam Donnelly

Blanche Wright and Darach Vonnegut

Jacqueline Keats and Saul McCarthy (Deceased)

Sawyere Zasadzinki and Claudia Wilkins

Myrna Acosta and Zackary Harvey

Josef Deloach and Zelma Camilo-dos-Santos

Hiroshi Yamauchi and Howard van Stryder

Faris Mikaelsson and Myranda Akker

Salome Langenberg-Katta and Iwona McGudrun

Zaman Hawkin and Eric Gutxi-Roscoe

Amber Scheinberg and Darian of Raven Clan

Ellis Wendel and Lottie Acciai

Yun Hachiro and Eden Siskind

Maison O’Steen and Pearline Belfer

Llewellyn Nikon and Tia Araminta

Nathaniel Remigius and Kacie Jernigan

Alastair von Knutsen and Katarina (Merche) von Knutsen

Max Greenberg and Dorina ‘Dori’ Ventura

Vlado Swapnil and Mila Birkhoff

Sebastian Xabier and Valerie Falkenrath

Noemi Darbinian and Hemera Anker

Jep Mills and Eleonora Melitta

Bernard Haywood and Meade Joiner