Sphere Group Four

Current Active members for Sphere Group 4. There are some that are too young, retired and between the cycle.


Dragons-Bayorth and Pachua

Immortal- Sholom


Kenneth Rhodes and Tillie Hornak

Sholom and Imarie James

Alyssa Brooks and Calvin Alvarez

Yancy Todd and Olympia Luttrell

Eldridge Monahan and Laura Castano

Majid Ashraf and Jessenia Ledger- Dowell

Russel Thrash and Natania Moshkovich

Quinn Liles and Ruth Henderson

Zack Tapia and Rosalie Nixon

Carlos Ramos y Diego and Nanelle Thalmann

Thaddeus Smith-Mercer and Ashley Bria’h

Dong-Min Chae and Penelope Wolf

Yunus Ayodele and Bathsheba “Sheba” Motley

Gavrail Babyonshev and Csenge Aijian

Otto Lindgren and Ciara Myrick

Billie Redmond and Erminia “Mina” Brinkman

Aurelio Valencia-Fuente and Domenic Askew

Kristofer Bynum and Argentina Singletary

Taral Kurian and Shana Rooney

Fidel Lermar and Novella Carnahan

DeWitt Fortenberry and Arvilla Shackelford

Malik Delgadillo and Magnus (Wren) Delgadillo

Dillion Gage and Kimber Thrasher

Arlen Loveless and Maisie Milburn