Sphere Group Five

Current Active members for Sphere Group 5. There are some that are too young, retired and between the cycle.


Dragons-Abaddon and Tiamet

Immortal- Knox


Knox and Celena Greco

Selina Manx and Conon Alexander ‘Alexander’

Gregor Altman and Bella Hurd

Trey Velker and Faith Umani

Gabriella Bothidr and Abagail Dukes

Hal Toth and Veronica Sala

Darin Casey and Zana Gillian

Emory Bunnell and Parker Larose

Jordon Fairley and Karima Scarborough

Roscoe Thiel and Tamsha Maddox

Jamison Covert and Setsuko Shin

Liang Hsiao and Aleta Geiger

Jarvis Sasser and Theresia Rosenthal

Avery Connolly and Natalya Thibodeaux

Emery Burnette and Verda Cuervas

Margarette Corrigan and Kamala Boisvert

Gregorio Bullard and Etsuko Cerda

Gale Seiler and Lizbeth Falcon

Cyril Pendergrass and Meda LeBlanc- Pendergrass