Traveler Group

The Traveler (Smuggler – Pilots- Explorers) group are metahumans are the pilots, the smugglers, the ones that can fly/drive/ etc anything in the galaxy.

The leader of the Group-

Members of the Group and Specialities:

Sphere Group One Traveler- Explorer:

Bernard Haywood: Pilot, an expert in Speed and getting through borders quickly and undiscovered.

Dorina “Dori” Ventura:  Private Courier- Works in the private sector and within the Sphere Groups

Grant Evans (Claudia McDaniel): Pilot (Aerospace); Shapeshifter; Mechanics; Spell Casting; Firearms; Influence; Electronics

Franklin “Frank” Cassell: Mechanics; Pilot (Aerospace, Aircraft, Ground Vehicles, Watercraft); Sorcery; Perception (Astral and Mundane); Electronics

Lottie Acciai:  Pilot, Larger ships, Electronics and Astrogation

Sawyere Zasadzinki: Pilot (Aerospace, Aircraft, Ground Vehicles); Electronics; Astrogation; Mechanics

Sphere Group Two Traveler- Explorer:

Andras Hubbard:  Pilot- Large Cargo Vessel Specialty- Transportation and trafficking-

Artemis Boscagli:  Pilot- specializing in small Aerospace; Usually pilots for Social group, known for speed, discretion and avoiding too much attention

Esma Brathwaite: Pilot (Aerospace, Aircraft, Ground Vehicles); Build and Repair Skills (Aerospace, Aircraft, Ground Vehicles, Electronics, Computers)

Jarid DeHaven: Pilot (Aerospace, Ground Vehicles, Watercraft, Hovercraft); Exotic Vehicles; Build and Repair (Aerospace, Watercraft, Electronics);

Sabina of Kaxiras Clan:  Pilot – Aerospace Speciality- Mechanic, and Build & Repair

Shayla Livesay:  Pilot- Aerospace- Known for knowledge of Astrogation, in’s and outs from sectors and border hopping

Sylvester Knight:  Pilot- Aerospace and unusual ship — Mechanic and can improvise in most situations since he was raised in space on a ship

Sphere Group Three Traveler- Explorer:

Demetrius Caskey:  Control Rigger- Drones and Spaceships – Space Drones – Pilot of large vehicles

Idria Covet:  Small Aerospace Vehicles – Smuggler – Border Crosser (Legal and Illegal)

Lemuel Palacios:  Small Aerospace Vehicles – Speed and Ex-Racer – Gets people to place fast

Odessa Devore:   Control Rigger- Runs space stations and other multiple functions systems- Aerospace and pilots when needed

Scott “Scotty” Guy:  Transportation Rigger- Large Spaceships

Sphere Group Four Traveler- Explorer:

Arlen Loveless:   Ex-Military Pilot – Can fly/ drive/ etc. multiple vehicles – Generalist Rigger

Bathsheba “Sheba” Motley:  Large Spaceships- Personal Pilot

Fidel Lermar:  Racer – Speed and Stealth Speciality with smaller space vessels – Also works legally in courier work

Natania Moshkovich:  Cargo Rigger – Larger Vehicles – Border runner if needed but prefers legal

Quinn Liles:   Personal Courier – Smuggler of small items and few people – Border Crossing Expert

Zack Tapia:   Space Station Control – Drone Rigger Expert – Multi-Tasker


Sphere Group Five Traveler- Explorer:

Aleta Geiger:  Pilot– Currently learning how to Fly Harmonic Ships and learn the territory

Bella Hurd:  Combat Pilot- Ex-Military Trained in small to large spaceships for combat and patrols.

Gregorio Bullard:  Border Runner — Expert in Stealth and Dodging in Vehicles

Karima Scarborough:  Private Pilot (Spaceship and other)

Trey Velker:  Cargo and Large Spaceship pilot