Technomancer Group

The Technomancer group are metahumans who have a way with computer, technology, and are able to use the variety of Matrix’s through the galaxy.

The leader of the Group-

Members of the Group and Specialities:

Sphere Group One Technomancer:

Faris Mikaelsson:  Combat and Brute force, Protecting others and Offensive Skills within the Matrix

Jep Mills:  Physical Technomancer used for Combat in and out of the Matrix

Llewellyn Nikon:  Physical Technomancer, works in the field and has combat skills not just Matrix

Pearline Belfer:  Detection and Overwatch within the Matrix, used in defense of the Sphere Groups and their information

Zaman Hawkin:  Information Hacker, Creates ID’s, and has backdoors into many systems to gain information and place information within

Sphere Group Two Technomancer:

Aura Kibbe:  Information Hacker – Creates ID’s and info packets for people- Helps with general research

Jordain Blaylock:  Combat Decker- Physical and within the Matrix

Michail Dobrycka:  Runs the nodes and protects the general information hubs of the Sphere Groups — Security Specialist and create safe zones

Spencer Jackson:   Generalist Decker — Works out in the field but can work in combat and other fields when needed

Torrin Haydon:  Defensive Decker- Protects and creates software programming for others of the group

Sphere Group Three Technomancer:

Edwina “Ed” Deaton:  Combat Decker – Field Physical and Matrix

Iska Nelson: Offensive Decker – Normally works off site but has abilities to be in the field

Ivan Roncalli:  Defensive Technomancer — Helps defend the nodes along with other information about Sphere Group Members

Naoto Ogata:  General Decker – Field Work (When Needed) – Works ins and out of what is needed – general backup

Parker Cochrane:  Stealth Decker – Creates Backdoors and find new ways into systems – Works to find ways in and out of systems – how to avoid hackers on Sphere Members systems

Truman Stirling:   Information Technomancer – Finds information, supports Sphere Nodes and Helps with ID creating

Sphere Group Four Technomancer:

Arvilla Shackelford:    General Decker – Does Odds and Ends for the Technomancer Group

Billie Redmond:  Stealth and Combat Decker – Usually behind the scenes but can be a Field Decker when needed

Ciara Myrick:   Defensive Decker – Protects Nodes and Other Information on the Matrix

Csenge Aijian:  Information Decker – Creates ID’s – Gathers, Sorts and Shares Information

Dong-Min Chae:   Corporate Decker – Used to keep out intruders from large Matrix Grids

Laura Castano:  Combat Decker – Field Work and Available for Physical Combat as well

Taral Kurian:  Information Decker – Gathers information – Works well in the Nodes

Sphere Group Five Technomancer:


Darin Casey:

Jordon Fairley:

Kamala Boisvert:    Information Decker — Field Work and Combat

Setsuko Shin: