Science Group

The Science group metahumans who have a way with science, usually with many degrees and higher education levels. They help the sphere groups in many ways from being doctors, researchers, and usually travel on the group’s Science vessels.

The Manger of the Science Department:   Ashley Bria’h  (Sphere Group 4- Odds and Ends)

Members of the Group and Specialities:

Sphere Group One Science:

Iwona McGudrun: Bioengineering & Molecular Biology

Josef Deloach: Medical Doctor- Surgeon

Myrna Acosta: Xenoparaepidemiology/ Paraepidemiology

 Tia Araminta: Crime Science Investigator- Toxicology

Valerie Falkenrath: Engineer- Spaceships

Sphere Group Two Science:

Celestyna ‘Celeste’ Katz: Biochemistry – Genetics

Curtis Knight-Washburn:  Xenoparazoology, Xenoparapbotany, Xenoparabiology, Veterinary Skills, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Parazoology, Parabiology, Parabotany

Emrys O’Connor:  Generalist of Sciences and degrees- Collects information and continues to learn

Lena Madison: Medical Doctor- Nano, Bio and Cyberware;

Saxon Kayas:   Xenoparabiology/ Xenoparazoology/ Etc

Shawn Knight- Washburn:  Xenoparabotany, Xenoparabiology, Xenoparazoology, Parabiology, Parabotany, Parazoology, Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany

Sphere Group Three Science:

Blair Rutherford: Astrophysics/ Physics/ Astronomy

Carmon Scarborugh: Xenoparageology/ Parageology/ Geology

Gabriel Cracchiolo: Chemistry (Specialized Pharmaceuticals)

Hiram Wertz: Neurosciences

Leonardo Barahona: Nanotechnology

Sphere Group Four Science:

Eldridge Monahan:  Mechanical Engineer- Ship Builder

Kristofer Bynum:   Materials & Metallurgical Sciences

Maisie Milburn:  Library Sciences – Literature

Olympia Luttrell:   Theoretical Mathematician- Teacher at Cambridge (Lorelei Sector)

Rosalie Nixon:    Enigmatology

Thaddeus Smith-Mercer:   Neurology – Psychology – Psychiatry

Sphere Group Five Science:

Emery Burnette:  Entertainment Engineering- Design

Faith Umani:  Computer Engineering Sciences (Creator of Thoth- AI)

Hal Toth:  Environmental studies Xeno & Para

Lizbeth Falcon:  Atmospheric Sciences

Theresia Rosenthal:  Cryogenics

Zana Gillian:  Clinical Psychology