Political – Social Group

The Political- Social group metahumans who have a way with words, deal in Political and Social fields. These are the faces of the Sphere groups be it from politician to socialite.

The leader of the Group- Sylvanus de’Medici

Member and Specialities-

Sphere Group One Political- Social:

Alastair von Knutsen: Political Analyst – TV personality

Claudia Wilkins: Wife of the Senator of Planet Texas

Darian of Raven Clan: Boyar of Raven Clan- Pandarve

Katarina (Merche) von Knutsen: Interviewer- TV Peronsality

Meade Joiner: Socialite- Travels– Deals a lot of people of a wide variety of people in social/ economical standings.

Salome Langenberg-Katta: Senator of Ronope; Current on the Board of Ethics

Saul McCarthy: Was a Senator of Lorelei Coterie before the uprising in 3003

Sphere Group Two Political- Social:

Freida Avenell:  Socialite- Lorelei Sector

Lucian Dare:  Congressman Chronos VI- Boolean Sector

Lyric Thalassa: Socialite- traveling through the galaxy. Known in many circles

Morgana O’Connor-de’Medici– Wife of the Congressman of New Florence, known socialite through the sectors, clan leader of the O’Connors of Tir Na nOg, Business connections through family and personal

Nikola ‘Nick’ Forester: Congressman of Mars;

Somerset Kaspin:   Used to be Congressman for Higgs Sector

Sylvanus de’Medici– Congressman for New Florence to the Italian Principalities, social connections to the de’Medici family lines, business connections through his personal and family

Sphere Group Three Political- Social:

Angelina Fortenberry:   Socialite

Kelvin Turner:  Ares Manager- R&D

Klara Espinosa y Antoine:  Diplomat for the Sirian Sector

Malissa Griffiths-Davenport:   Senator- Balma

Michael Flemming:  Congressman Mesa

Samir Odon :  TV Personality

Sarah Lane: Current Countess of Hyde- Avalon Kingdom

Sebastian Long:   VP- Marketing in Saeder Krupp

Serafina de’Medici:   Socialite- Ties to Medici Family

Waylan Mazrui:   Congressman Teer’r

Westbrook Vanderbilt-Aster:   Business Owner funding Politicians

Sphere Group Four Political- Social:

Argentina Singletary:   Socialite

Jessenia Ledger- Dowell:    Bohemian Senator

Kimber Thrasher:   TV Personality

Nanelle Thalmann:   Congresswoman for Karrak

Russel Thrash:   Movani Congressman

Shana Rooney :   Senator- Hadrian

Sphere Group Five Political- Social:

Abagail Dukes:  Sirian Socialite

Gregor Altman:  Corporation VP Saeder-Krupp

Jarvis Sasser:   Congressman for Antilles 3

Margarette Corrigan:

Selina Manx:   Singer- Travels through the galaxy