Odds and Ends Group

The Odds and Ends group is made up of metahumans who don’t quite fit into another group, generalists or can be in several groups.

The leader of the Group-

Members of the Group and Specialities:

Sphere Group One Odds and Ends:

Blanche Wright: Shapeshifter; Wander; Contacts and collects information from everywhere she goes

Hemera Anker:  Photographer

Vlado Swapnil:  High Priest of the Horned God (Avalon Kingdom)

Zelma Camilo-dos-Santos: Piano Player; Musician

Sphere Group Two Odds and Ends:

Alric Silvetti:  Professional Dancer- Travels and Teaches in Lorelei

Brook Dakalis:  Parent raising orphans of Avalon Kingdom and farming

Doyle Chamberlain:  Parent raising orphans of Avalon Kingdom and farming

Foxlyn of Kathra Tribe:   Harmonic Leader- Indigo Band

Markos Jagers:  Teacher (Ex-Military)

Odryna “Odin”:  Travels- Explores and fathers information

Thorngrove of Kathra Tribe “Thorn”:  Harmonic- Indigo Band; Part of Foxlyn’s original grouping

Xuanyuan Sun:  Fox Shifter — Advisor in New China Government

Sphere Group Three Odds and Ends:

Archalaos “Arc” Deacon:  Writer – Travels to promote novels

Bao-Yu Lioa:   Priestess through the New China Empire – Shapeshifter (Naga)

Carmine Albers:   Fashion Designer

Kuo Lihua:  Extreme Sports

Ranjini Sood:  Tiger Rescue Worker – Foster Mother

Shante of Western Waves Tribe:  Musician (Specializing in underwater singing and performance arts)

Sphere Group Four Odds and Ends:

Ashley Bria’h:  Current Manager (Operations) of the Sphere Group Science Department

Carlos Ramos y Diego:   Aztlan Police Officer

DeWitt Fortenberry:  Manager (Operations) Technomancer Group

Domenic Askew:  Comic Book Artist

Erminia “Mina” Brinkman:   Activist – Several Fields

Yunus Ayodele:   Scriptwriter

Sphere Group Five Odds and Ends:

Avery Connolly:   Travels with Wolf Pack – Investigator

Cyril Pendergrass:   Stage Magician (Travels)

Gale Seiler:   Cellist — Travels with Terran Orchestra

Liang Hsiao:  Travels through Harmonic Territory — Panda Bear Shapeshifter — Chinese Ambassador to Harmonics

Parker Larose:  Toy Creator

Tamsha Maddox:  Personal Chef