Magic Group

The Magic group is made up of metahumans general better in magic be it research, casting, summoning, or anything in between. They often work with the Fighter- Warrior Group when they need extra magical backup.

The leader of the Group- Alyssa Brooks

Members and Specialities:

Sphere Group One Magic:

Eric Gutxi-Roscoe: Physical Magician — Expert in Summoning- especially Elementals (Hermetic) and Spirits (Shaman) – Knowledgable in many forms of summoning.

Hiroshi Yamauchi: Physical Magician (Kotodama) — Talismonger- Spell Designer — Can work in the field but is better in design

Jacqueline Keats: Physical Magician– Magical Research for Ares; Magical Studies- Hermetic Studies; Magical Studies- Fire Magic; Spell Design

Mila Birkhoff:   Physical Magician– Research & Design– Known for designing Hermetic and Shamanic spell, improving on older spells and researching new ones

Myranda Akker:   Physical Magician –Combat Mage- Mage for Hire, Expert in Manipulation and Combat Spells

Nathaniel Remigius: Physical Magician– Talismonger- Designer, Good at creating normal and exotic items for magic users

Yun Hachiro:  Physical Magician (Wuxing) — Practicing mage, works within the group in several forms- specialties in Healing, and Illusion Spells.

Sphere Group Two Magic:

Aeron of the Thanatos Clan:   Shamanic Physical Magician- Death Magic Expert- Priest of Crypti Prime – Knowledge about Death rituals of most metahuman cultures

Biddie Sgourakes: Magical Researcher;

Christalle Tripp-Southwick:  Hermetic Physical Magician- Working on Technology and Magic Combination techniques – Manipulation Spell Expert

Jocelyn McNally:  Magic – Spellcaster in Shaman and Aboriginal Magics

Raissa Artro: Shamanistic knowledge; Ability to use several different Shamanistic paths; Travels with her Sphere Partner throughout the galaxy; Able to gather supplies from rare Amazonia Protectorate; Knowledge of Tribal Affairs and magics; Herbology; Botany; Rare languages (Speciality in Tribe Languages of Amazonia)

Sphere Group Three Magic:

Eldon Whelan:   Hermetic Mage- Research and Development of Magical Spell – Elemental Expert

Elizabeth VanDale:   Physical Magician (Phoenix Shaman)- Studies mythological Shamanistic Totems from across the galaxy- can use several different types of Shamanic magics

Emil Adler:  Physical Magician (Dog Shaman) – Magical Researcher into Summoning, known to summon Spirits and Elementals- Spell casting – Used to work in the field but retired for research

Gloriane Gozzi:  Hermetic Mage- Detection and Illusion Expert Spellcaster — Field Work

Oma Moskovics:  Voodoo Priestess – Manipulation and Detection Spells – Summoning Loa Spirits

Pramada Rashid:  Zoroastrianism – Studies Religion and Magical Studies – How Religion interacts with magic

Quyen Maiser:  Physical Magician – Shaman based — Summoning Expert and Combat Magic- Field Work

Sherry Moses:  Shaman – Field Shaman – Combat and Manipulation Spell – Spirit Summoning

Zitkala ‘Zee’ Papaqui:  Shaman – Field Shaman – Manipulation and Illusion Spells – Studies Healing Magics and Summoning

Sphere Group Four Magic:

Alyssa Brooks:   Physical Magician (Shaman Based)  — LEader of the Magic Group — Keeps group organized, known Theorical Magic Design

Aurelio Valencia-Fuentes:   Hermetic Chaos Theory Physical Magician – Field Mage – Detection and Illusion Expert

Kenneth Rhodes:  Hermetic Mage- Field Mage- Combat and Manipulation Expert – Healing Mage

Magnus (Wren) Delgadillo:   Physical Magician (Chaos Magic)  –  Travelling Mage (Often Stage and Field) – Illusion and Manipulation Mages

Novella Carnahan:  Hermetic Physical Magician – Combat Mage- Expert in field magic and physical adept abilities.

Penelope Wolf:   Oak Shaman (Physical Magician) — Health and Detection Spell Expert – Field Shaman

Ruth Henderson:   Horse Shaman – Detection and Healing Shaman – Field Magician and research

Sphere Group Five Magic:

Celena Greco:

Emory Bunnell:  African Magicks (Power of Spirit)

Etsuko Cerda:  Hermetic Mage (Combat)

Meda LeBlanc- Pendergrass:  Rabbit Shaman

Natalya Thibodeaux:   Time Mage

Roscoe Thiel:   Physical Magician (Hermetic)