Law Group

The Law group is made up of metahumans who are lawyers because even in the future, we need lawyers. It is the smallest grouping but they are available for the Sphere members and their Allies if they get into trouble.

The leader of the Group-

Members of the Group and Specialities:

Sphere Group One Law:

Zackary Harvey: Lawyer- Interstellar Speciality and Economist

Sphere Group Two Law:

Ellsworth Barese:   Large Corporation Law — Handles large personal law and across borders

Sybyl VonHoffman:   Will and personal law– smaller and travels to make sure people’s will are done correctly

Sphere Group Three Law:

Eun Ae Yun:   Family Law

Nicolai Darrach:  Criminal Law (Intergalactic)

Sphere Group Four Law:

Sphere Group Five Law: