Fighter – Warrior Group

The Fighter- Warrior group is made up of metahumans general better in fighting, bodyguarding, protecting, and being front line fighters.

The leader of the Group- Cale Hastings

Members and Specialities:

Sphere Group One Fighters/ Warriors:

Amber Scheinberg:  Cyber- Street Sam & Magic- Physical Adept– Unarmed Combat, Speed, Edged Weapons, Whips, and Claws

Darach Vonnegut:  Cyber- Heavy Weapons, Large Weapons, Combat Axes and Lasers

Eden Siskind:  Magic- Physical Magician  — Used mix of spells to improve fellow combatants, Combat spells, and healing.

Eleonora Melitta:  Combat Mage (Elemental and Manipulation Spells) — Summoning

Ellis Wendel:   Cyber- Street Sam– Pistols, Assorted Guns, and similar Weapons, Laser and Ballistic

Howard Van Stryder:  Cyber– Heavy Weapons, Gunnery, Machine Guns and other Large Firearms

Kacie Jernigan:  Cyber- Street Sam — Exotic Weapons expert, the stranger the better– also uses Pistols and Edged Weapons

Liam Donnelly: Magical– Edged Weapons; Thrown Weapons; and Unarmed Combat specialty

Maison O’Steen:  Cyber- Street Sam– Athletics, Stealth, Assassination Work, Poisons expert, Small weapons- pistols and blades

Max Greenberg:   Cyber- Street Sam — Pistols, Gunnery, Lasers, considered a generalist in weapons

Noemi Darbinian:  Cyber- Street Sam & Magic- Physical Adept — Stealth Expert, Scout for the group along with surveillance skills. Breaking and entering, along with the use of many weapons – can also be used as an assassin.

Sebastian Xabier:  Cyber- Street Sam & Magic- Physical Adept  — uses many weapons, generalist in weaponry– usually can pick up anything to use.

Sphere Group Two Fighters/ Warriors:

Alhena Dihqani:  Cyber- Street Sam–  Stealth, Infilteration, and Assassination work –Good at blending into many situations and great at improv

Cale Hastings:  Cyber- Street Sam:  Group Leader- Tactical Expert (Large and Small scale)- Small and Large Firearms- Military Tactician

Carmilla Sheridan:   Physical Magician– Stealth; Small Weapons, Hand to Hand and Throwing

Conrade Clabaugh:   Cyber- Street Sam — Long distance combat– Expert in Sniper, Laser Weapons, and Gunnery — Tactician and overwatch

Edmond Quiency:  Cyber- Street Sam – Instructor of Martial Arts – Armed Combat in Lorelei; Expert in Hand to Hand Combat and Stealth; Ex- Military

Estevan Vasi:   Cyber- Street Sam– Considered a Generalist– Good at working with nearly any weapon available and has had some of the longer training with the Harmonic, gifted in several aspects

Hendrix Pelletier:   Cyber- Street Sam  — Horror Hunter– Expert Firearms, Horror Tactics, Guerilla Warfare and traveling

Orson Mayor:  Cyber- Street Sam  — Expert Body Guard, Personal hand to hand combat — Fire arms and catch all in protection duties

Rose-Mary Pelletier:  Magic- Physical Adept  — Horror Hunter– Expert Firearms, Horror Tactics, Guerilla Warfare and traveling

Sela Arcus:    Magic- Physical Magician–  Second in Command; Tactics; Firearms; and Close Combat

Tristan O’Connor:  Magic– Generalist fighter, known to use any weapon available to him, works in Tir Na Nog, Trained as an expert fighter

WhisperNight ‘Whisper’ of Kathra Tribe: Harmonic Fighter; Close Combat; Edge Weapons; Exotic Weapons; Tactics and knowledge of another galaxy– Can access Emerald Type abilities

Sphere Group Three Fighters/ Warriors:

Adam Matthews:  Large Weapons (Gunnery, Heavy Weapons, Submachine Guns, Etc.) – Can pilot most crafts and knowledge of large group tactics

Catarina Chase:  Unarmed Combat; Stealth; Infiltration; and Information Gathering

Dreama Pagan:  Long-Ranged Weapon Expert – Sniper – Good with most firearms and long ranged weaponry

Micah Logan:  Information Gatherer (Torture); Edged and Unarmed Combat; Weapons and poisons expert

Mushira Soni:  Cyberware & Magic – Field Combat- Unarmed Combat and Close Range Combat

Noble Maddox:  General Street Sam – Field Work – Works with Firearms, Bladed Weapons

Winter McQuillen:   Edged Weapons;

Sphere Group Four Fighters/ Warriors:

Calvin Alvarez:   Physical Magician – Unarmed Combat – Firearms – Generalist

Dillion Gage:  Physical Adept & Street Sam — Heavy Weapons – Edged Weapons – Space Tactics

Gavrail Babyonshev:   Cyber- Street Sam- Close Range Combat – Unarmed Combat Expert – Firearms – Short-Ranged Weapons

Imarie James:   Street Sam – Magic — Firearms – Tactics – Edged Weapons

Majid Ashraf:   Heavy Weapons Expert – Guerilla Warfare Tactics – Large and Small Troop Tactics – Firearms

Malik Delgadillo:  Physical Magician (Hermetic) — Archery – Sniper Rifles- Long Distance Weaponry – Thrown Weapons- Can fight up close but prefers distance

Otto Lindgren:   Physical Adept & Street Sam – Generalist in Combat – Known to use anything available – Prefers Firearms and Knives

Tillie Hornak:  Street Sam–  Heavy Weapons; Gunnery – Security – General Skills

Yancy Todd:   Cyberware with Physical Adept Powers – Security Expert – Works on Io as Head of Security – Known for Space Combat, Firearm, and Close Combat

Sphere Group Five Fighters/ Warriors:

Conon Alexander:   Physical Magician-  Tactics; Combat

Gabriella Bothidr:  Physical Adept & Street Sam–  Hand to Hand Combat; Edged Weapons Expert

Jamison Covert:  Physical Magician & Street Sam– Knight Errant Security Expert; Hand to Hand Combat; Firearms

Verda Cuervas:   Street Sam:  Bodyguard– Firearms; Unarmed Combat; Security

Veronica Sala: