Nizar al’Andalusi

Name: Nizar al’Andalusi

Nationality: Sirian (Planet- Damascus)

Sector:     Sirian Sector

Lives: Sirian Prime (Sirian Sector)

Race: Human

Birthday: October 14, 2973

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’10”

Weight:  170 LBS

Magic: Some Cyberware

Aura Color: Gray and Black

Married: Samara al-Andalusi

Children (Adopted and Natural): Jibreel al’Andalusi (Wolverine Shapeshifter) 10 Years Old; Arvio al’Andalusi (Tasminan Devil Shapeshifter) 7 Years Old; Hakim al’Andalusi  (Racoon Shapeshifter) 7 Years Old;Luls al’Andalusi (Hyena Shapeshifter) 7 Years Old; Kasia al’Andalusi  (Saber Tooth Tiger Shapeshifter) 6 Years Old; Sirhan al’Andalusi (Dire Wolf Shapeshifter) 6 Years Old; Naia al’Andalusi (Shark Shapeshifter) 5 Years Old; and Nasya al’Andalusi (Jaguard Shapeshifter) 2 Years Old.

Misc. Details: Leader of Sirian Sector