Metahuman Allies

These are some of the Allies the group has that are not part of a Sphere Group and are metahuman or Shifters.

Adria Bales  — Half-sister to Sylvanus de’Medici, functional Autistic that travels the galaxy as a companion to Dante since they understand one another

Andromeda ‘Andi’ Drake   — Twin to Aph Drake, lives with Sylvanus and Morgana as a live-in Mistress- used to work for the Earth Military

Aphrodite ‘Aph’ Drake  — Twin to Andi Drake, Mistress to Sylvanus but currently traveling across other Galaxies with the Harmonics.

Aurora Agripin  — Unicorn Shapeshifter, CEO of Chrysalis Foundation, Eldest child of Micah Agripin who has worked for centuries to protect Shapeshifter kind.

Blanca — Immortal Elf Mix from the 4th Age– Weapon Smith and designer

Cale Cytair — Works for the Karrak Sector of space, currently working with the Sphere groups with the Fighter- Warrior group. Recently has bonded to a living ship called Black Stargate, Stargate for short.

Celeste Montague  —  Bohemian native, training in the art of assassination and works on a machine planet that has Harmonic Technology as its base.

Dante IV  — Human test subject created by several AI’s systems, has a brain similar to an AI and can connect to the Matrix systems. Currently traveling through the galaxy with Adria.

Devon Kaspin  — Twin of deceased Sphere Member Somerset Kaspin. A scientist that created an AI system called Cosima. Works regularly with Portia in the areas of medicine and sciences.

Isabeau Fawkes  — Friendly with several spheres members, works for the 1% of the 1% in finding information and other items. Currently working for Syvalnus de’Medici and dating Alexander Holden.

Kip Wellington — Sylvanus head of security. Travels often with Sylvanus and party, protects the children.

Micah Agripin  — Father to Ryker and Aurora, Pegasus’s shapeshifter and works to preserve and help Shifters across the galaxy

Nizar al’Andalusi

Portia deLuca



Ryker Agripin — Shapeshifting Pegasus, brother to Aurora and middle child of Micah Agripin- Travels the galaxy to help find and rescue shapeshifters

Samara al’Andalusi