Name:     Teegan Blakesley

Dragon Name:     Erisdar

Nationality:     Draconic (Planet-

Sector:     Draco Protectorate

Lives:     Travelling

Race:     Dragon

Dragon Form:    Green-Black

Breath Weapon:   Acid

Birthday- Age:   70 Years Old

Hair Color:     Black with Green Highlights

Eye Color:     Green-Black

Height:     5’10”

Weight:     Varies

Magic:     Dragon Mage

Aura Color:     Shades of Green

Known Details:   Sister to Tulvir (Alexander Holden) – Helped Novella through pregnancy while the group was gone. Aunt to Lenore and Chandler.

Businesswoman with several Trillion is assets and businesses. Collector of Art, especially odd or unusually animals of the past, preserved. Knowledgeable of mythology and unusual creatures. Spent 20 years helping the children age up and became friends with several of the Sphere Members.