Lizbeth de’Medici-O’Connor

Name:   Lizbeth Anna Faina de ‘Medici-O’Connor

Nationality:    Russian

Sector:    Italian Principalities

Lives:    Travels

Race:   Elvan

Birthday:   December 18, 3000

Hair Color:   Blonde

Eye Color:   Green

Height:     5’8”

Weight:   120 LBS

Magic:   Technomage

Aura Color:     Silver and White

Parents:  Sylvanus de’Medici and Morgana O’Connor-de’Medici

Siblings (Full):    Liam, Conchobhar, Arianna, Julius “JJ”, Caterina, and  Sorcha  de’Medici-O’Connor

Siblings (Half):    AtroposLakhesis “Lacy” & Klotho de’Medici-Drake

Misc. Details:   Adopted into the de’Medici-O’Connor clan by Conchobhar to save her from her Russian Mafia family. Strong Technomage and has continued to stay with her adoptive family.