Julius ‘JJ’ de’Medici-O’Connor

Name:   Julius Jason ‘JJ’ Donatello de ‘Medici-O’Connor

Nationality:    Italian & Irish

Sector:    Italian Principalities

Lives:    Lorelei Sector (School)

Race:   Elvan

Birthday:   November 1 (Real- 3011/ Adjusted 3000)

Hair Color:   Dark Green

Eye Color:   Sky Blue (Changes with Mood)

Height:     6’4”

Weight:   210 LBS

Magic:   Deity of Weather and Fertility

Aura Color:     Blues, Greens, and Golds

Parents:  Sylvanus de’Medici and Morgana O’Connor-de’Medici

Siblings (Full):    Liam, Conchobhar, Arianna, Caterina, Sorcha and  Lizbeth de’Medici-O’Connor

Siblings (Half):    AtroposLakhesis “Lacy” & Klotho de’Medici-Drake

Misc. Details:   Currently enjoying college life