New Projects

There is another Anthology for Suicide awareness month that I am working on an outline still. This one is giving me trouble in coming up with a solid story arc for. Hopefully it will finish dancing around back there and give me an outline, I can work from there.

Also going to try for the next Anthology, Zodiac horror. totally can work with a killer killing in their zodiac, sounds like fun. Now just working on the other outline, and filling out paperwork for seeing if I can get a spot in Zodiac.

Still waiting for peer review for the Urban Legends, but feeling good about it being done and the recent read through I didn’t find tons I needed to change.

With anthologies it does bring me back to time to start working on novel and series outline. I think I have settled on a series to work on, which I would like to take time out for to seriously start writing. July is another NaNoWriMo camp (, so I will see what I can do there.